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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


The dream begins in my bedroom. I'm standing near my closet door. A friend is helping me

to gather items from my closet for me to change into; clothing I already have but is more

colorful and fitting for me at this time. The "friend" remains an unknown identity and now walks

behind me as we enter the living room. I cannot see who it is that is so mysteriously willing to assist me with what feels like a new "make-over". I see a mirror on the wall. It is oval with a gold ornate trim around it. We are approaching the mirror as we intend to fix my hair and make-up. I am very curious about the identity of this "friend" and as we slowly approach the mirror, I feel the growing anticipation of this identity being soon revealed. I think to myself that I will look at the reflection in the mirror and then see who is behind me. Then I will know who it is that seems so unusually dedicated to the cause of helping me to create a new image. This part of the dream seems to happen in slow motion as we approach the mirror on the wall. Finally we are there. I now look in the mirror to see who is my secret friend. There, standing behind me in full willingness to serve me, is a young vibrant version of MYSELF! I'm amazed. I see this version of myself standing behind me with a smile of knowingness and a brilliant radiance. It seems "she" exudes wisdom and glowing health. She clearly intends to create a new, vibrant, youthful version of the older and tired me.

At the time this dream took place, I was fatigued and not feeling well at all. In this dream experience, my Higher Self was showing up to rejuvenate the "me" who didn't feel well. This is a valid example of self-healing in a dream. There was an actual shift in my daytime health that resulted from the powerful healing in this dream. After this healing dream, I felt the guidance of my own Higher Self in a new and vibrant way. Getting a dream glimpse of a version of my Higher Self in the mirror served me well. I felt that the reflection of that part of my identity enhanced my view of the spiritual self that silently hangs out behind the scenes. We all have access to the Higher Self that functions like an inner cheerleader.


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