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Meet Peggy

Dream Interpretation

My passion for revealing the meaning of dreams began at the early age of six, with a significant dream that I can still recall in vivid detail.  I have been a student of dreams most of my life and learned that the art of dreaming is a growth process.  I believe that everyone has a "dream muscle" waiting to be honored and developed. I am delighted when I can help dreamers to develop and grow with that connection and I find it especially satisfying when the dreamer applies their dream messages to their daily life.

I find the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is a partnership waiting to be enhanced by our recognition of the dreaming mind.  I believe that the subconscious mind is by far, the most fantastic computer ever created.  Researchers say that less than 10% of our mental processing is conscious and the other 90% is subconscious. The dream world resides deep within the subconscious mind and is like a treasure chest of important details that can guide us through our daily life.  Dreams come to us for a very specific reason, but the message is often lost because the dream language can sometimes be confusing.


The creative aspect of dreaming really excites me. I enjoy writing poetry and feel there is a pipeline between the dreaming mind and creative expression.  For example, Beethoven was a famous musician who was deaf.  He dreamed of his piano sonatas and then brought the music he heard within his dreams to the outside world. 


I consider it an honor to clarify the dream language for my clients.  I use an "if it were my dream" approach, and I respect the dreamer's own individual insights.  I have seen the lives of dreamers enriched and even transformed through dream understanding.  What a meaningful and rewarding privilege it is to be an active part in this most fascinating playground of human achievement !

Professional Bio

Peggy Blake is certified as a Dream Work Facilitator by the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work and has studied with leading dream specialists Jeremy Taylor and Robert Moss.  She has been a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams since attending their 2002 conferences and workshops at Tufts University in Boston, MA.
She works with both adults and children at either the client's home, by phone or by Skype.  Peggy facilitates workshops on the value of dreams with emphasis on the creative aspects of the dreaming mind. She embraces research regarding neuroscience, the brain and the scientific connection to dreams.
Peggy has an outstanding success record helping disturbed dreamers who are troubled with recurring dreams to find peace of mind. She finds it fascinating to work with young children, bringing them relief from fear dreams or exploring their general dreams as well.
Having a special connection with animals, Peggy has met with the client's pets in dreams of animal realms beyond the physical.  She warmly assists the bereaved upon the loss of their pet, by offering them instructions on how to invite a healing dream visit.  She also works with the dream symbolism of animals as taught by the Native American Indians.
Peggy is certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Her focus has been on promoting therapeutic guided imagery for the client's own self-empowerment.
With a life long background in spiritual studies, Peggy finds it rewarding to support the elderly from an interfaith point of view as they process their end-of-life dreams. 
While raising a large family as a single parent, Peggy was a successful real estate investor and property manager.  She credits her ability to handle these challenges to motherly determination, the inner guidance of the higher self and the blessings of Divine Grace.

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