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The Heartbeat of Dreams is dedicated to raising the awareness of the power of dreams by awakening one's potential creativity, sharpening the intuition, clarifying problem-solving techniques, and cultivating the deepening of one's sense of spiritual identity. By understanding the hidden messages within the dream images, one can discover golden nuggets of wisdom with which to enhance and even transform one's daily life.

There are many ways people can use their dreams

Dreams can......

  •  provide insights from past and future

  •  help to make decisions about career and finances

  •  help to heal emotional and physical injuries

  •  help one to grow in self confidence

  •  help one to recognize more fully the spiritual aspect of Self

  •  take one to explore other realities

  •  connect one with the messages and love from deceased loved ones

  •  connect one with dream guides and spirit guides

  •  rejuvenate area of life that needs recharging

  •  prepare one for life's challenges

  •  cushion one from life's pitfalls

  •  provide ancient wisdom

  •  help heal relationship issues

  •  develop and increase intuition

  •  help one to balance lopsided situations

  •  warn one of impending conditions of concern

  •  help one to create and be the best you can be

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