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Heather,  Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist


Peggy has been helping me interpret and make sense of my dreams for years.  Her uncanny ability to grasp the message of dream symbolism never ceases to amaze me.  She has the insight to incorporate the dream world’s significance as it relates to issues in the waking state. She brings clarity to decision making, enhances awareness, and gives sound direction as conveyed by the dream. I know that she has helped a significant amount of people change their lives for the better and I completely trust Peggy’s degree of expertise.  She has a gift of dream interpretation and because I trust her ability, I often refer my clients to her.

Rev. Rich 

Peggy Blake is no mere dream interpreter. She will guide you into your own inner world of dreams and help you to explore the mysteries they reveal. We spend half of our life in this world and she will show you that it is not wasted time. The dream reaches deep into our subconscious mind and offers up symbolic clues to our soul’s journey through the spiritual realms. Peggy uses her years of experience to help us interpret these symbols as they uniquely apply to us. She does this with genuine compassion and desire to bring us a deeper knowledge of ourselves. On a scale of 1-10 she is a twelve.  I highly recommend her services for those who seek higher knowledge and resolution of issues in their everyday lives.


I had a dream and had no idea where it came from or what it meant.  Peg sat quietly and listened to my dream.  After she had time to examine and ingest my dream, she proceeded to tell me her view on what the dream meant, why it was happening now, and how my higher self would be able to help me recognize it and how to correct any action on my part that would appease and satisfy this particular unique part of myself.

I have all the confidence in the world that Peg will use her interpretive talents and gifts to help all who come to her.  She is an honest and trustworthy person who is to be held in extremely high esteem as a dream work facilitator.


Peggy amazes me with her unique insight into dreams!  To me, these dreams were senseless and elusive symbolism.  When I describe my dreams to Peggy, I love how excited she gets because she knows exactly what they mean!  She's not only an expert at symbolism, but also I love her spiritual focus! 


More than once, I've heard her tears of joy because she understands the beauty of my dream, while I'm still confused or disturbed about it. Once she reveals the meaning of my dream, I feel my heart burst wide open with understanding every aspect.  I am in awe of her gift!  My own awareness has skyrocketed from Peggy's heartfelt passion and expertise!  The gifts I've received by working with Peggy are ineffably beautiful and empowering! 


I wanted to take the time to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting with you!  Your insight and wisdom on dream interpretation is simply amazing!  You have helped my son Matthew so much, he is so happy with his full nights of sleep, finally!!!  He is using the techniques you have taught him and it's been working great!! Once again, meeting you has been a great pleasure and I appreciate all you have done!!


My beloved dog Georgie passed away and I was greif stricken.  Peggy taught me how to have a dream with my dog! I followed her instructions and had a dream the very first night. In that dream my dog licked my face like he always had when he was living. I felt so comforted from the experience, and I also felt blessed by Peggy's kindness and compassion.


I have known Peggy for over 40 years.  Helping people to take their next spiritual step through the understanding of dreams, is a special calling for her and a gift to all of us.  Great love has brought her to this work and it is only great love that motivates her and gives her the ability to help others.

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