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A Wake Up Call

Dream messages from those in the afterlife have always fascinated me. I have learned that all dreams about the deceased are not actual visits. There are authentic dream visits with loved ones on the other side, and there are also symbolic dreams in which the dreamer can obtain a message by merely understanding the symbolism. There are also times during when a combination of the two can happen. Here’s an example of a combination of the two and and of how this played out to offer daytime benefits.

Phyllis, the mother of my friend Joan, had passed away a few years prior to this dream. I've known Joan since childhood so it was easy to recognize her mother’s presence in my dream that night. We were standing near a kitchen sink and Joan's mom handed me a large pot of coffee. I poured the coffee into a large container and a little of it went into the sink drain. When I awakened I recorded this dream and recognized that the coffee’s meaning to me was a symbol of a “wake-up call”. Joan's mom was handing me a wake-up call and I felt it was important to mention this to my friend as well as being alerted myself. I felt a sinking and possible draining feeling as though this was a message to be honored promptly. I called Joan and told her about the dream. I asked her if she could think of anything her mother might be suggesting that needed action. She said she would think about this and let me know.

A few days later, Joan called me and asked me if I would go to the local funeral home with her as she thought it would be a good idea since the senior years were upon her, to make her burial plans ahead of time. Her mother had been one to plan ahead and Joan wondered if the dream was a hint in this direction.

Off we went to the funeral home. Joan picked out her coffin, named the songs she wanted to be played at her services and covered many details. We laughed at these seemingly unnecessary and spontaneous arrangements. A week later, Joan called me from the emergency room at the nearby hospital. She had called 911 and was taken there due to a severe back pain issue that had temporarily paralyzed her.

Tests were done and before long she learned she had cancer. A short time after this, she was hospitalized and eventually sent to a nursing home. I relived the sinking feeling from the coffee dream but I was also grateful that the wake-up call from Joan's mother made such perfect sense. The timing of Joan's decision to make her funeral arrangements could not have been more perfect. Joan died only two months after making these funeral arrangements. The dream had served its purpose. A dream visit combined with symbolism had been recognized, carried into action and used for obtaining important results in daytime life.

This particular dream story also provides an example of the eternal love that mothers have for their children. Interestingly and unknown to me at the time, this dream happened on the birthday of Joan's mother!

Researchers have come a long way in the study of what is now commonly called “After Death Communication” or the ADC experience. The dream state is a receptive and convenient format for this to happen. Not everyone is a medium, but everyone dreams. The deceased may have a life of their own in the world of spirit, but they seem to want to touch in with their loved ones here on the earth plane. They want to let us know that they are alright. Sometimes they try to settle unfinished business. They may come to us to offer suggestions that can benefit us with our life challenges. They may bring us support to carry on, or they may show up to offer us a warning. Most of all, they want us to know that they still love us and that the love we share is an eternal bond.

When the grieving process feels painful, a continuing relationship with the beloved who visits in dreams seems to help to move the bereaved to more acceptance. As time goes on, the relationship may change but it does not have to end. The dreamer who practices the art of paying attention to dreams and the value within, can reap unlimited benefits. This process is worth trusting and gets better with practiced awareness.

Dreams are real. Creative brilliance, profound insights, message receiving, needed healings, and a reservoir of information is awaiting the dreamer. This form of empowerment is easy. All you have to do is sleep!

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