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X-Ray Vision

In this dream, my friend Blaine who passed away in the year 2000 shows up. He tells me about some of the travels he has been experiencing. He shows me photographs of rivers, valleys and multi colored landscapes. Then he shows me pictures of bone structures on x-rays. On one particular x-ray, he is pointing out what looks like a leg bone and their are two areas of concern here that he wants me to see. Then he tells me he is going elsewhere, but he can be reached if I would like to visit with him again. He gives me his phone number and says to call him anytime. I woke up and recorded this dream and was excited about the clarity of his voice and the feeling of this connection being more real than a dream. I knew Blaine's sisters and decided to call on them to announce that I had a dream about their brother. So I called his sister Claire but there was no answer. I then called his sister Ellie. She was happy to hear that I had a dream with Blaine. I mentioned that I had tried to reach Claire. She then told me that Claire was in the hospital because she had broken her leg in two places!! Evidently, this dream was a visitation dream and it had dual purpose. One was to alert me to Claire's hospitalization. The other was to give Claire the message that her brother was still watching over her and had come to me in a dream to let her know of this. I was glad to pass on the message which was received with great delight. Eternal love seems to find it's way. The process of dreaming is an avenue to demonstrate it.


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