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Numbers in Red

A Telepathic Dream Message

This dream takes place in June of 2013. I'm in the fellowship room of a church. There is

a gathering here of high energy types of people. The mood feels like a party atmosphere and there are refreshments available. A woman named Ruth approaches me. She wants to tell me something. She points to a wall with numbers that are displayed in red lights.

She tells me that this is the telephone number of a known lecturer named Harry. She says

that the last four digits have a special meaning and that's why they are all lit up in red. I see these numbers while I'm dreaming but I don't recall them upon awakening. However I do

recall that the numbers are connected with Harry's phone number. The next day I do some

research and locate the phone number of this Harry person. I make note of the the last four

numbers of his telephone number. They are 1933. I have no idea of the significance of these numbers, but I feel they were in red lights for a reason.

I decide to go ahead and call Ruth. I'm not sure whether or not I will discuss the dream,

but I feel the nudge to call her anyway. She answers the phone and tells me she has a

house full of company because it's her 80th birthday. I'm excited for her and wish her a

Happy Birthday. We agree we will talk on another day when she isn't so busy.

Later on, I'm thinking of the dream with the red lit-up-numbers in it and how this led me

to wish Ruth a Happy Birthday when I wouldn't have done so if it weren't for the dream.

I found it amusing that she would give me numbers in a dream. Suddenly it hit me! If

Ruth is 80 years old in 2013, then she was born in 1933! Here was the reason that she

pointed out the last four digits of Harry's telephone number...1933...the year of her birth!

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