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Dream Telepathy

Dramatic stories of telepathic dreams abound. This particular one is amazing: Toward the end of World War II, several prisoners made a daring escape from the Sobibor concentration camp. One of the survivors of this courageous break is Esther Robb, who described a dream she had the night before the escape in a 1998 National Public Radio interview:

In her dream, her deceased mother was urging her to press on to reach a strange-looking barn. The next day, the twenty-year-old Esther successfully escaped the camp, climbed the fence, and walked over the bodies of people who had already fallen on mines outside the barrier. Traveling with serious wounds, she survived days of starvation and hiding in the woods. She finally saw a wooden structure far in the distance, and realized that it was the barn that her mother had shown her in her dream.

When darkness came, she managed to sneak into the barn and climb into its hay loft. As she reached the top step of the ladder, a strong hand grabbed her ankle, and called out for her to stop. It was the hand of her brother, who had just escaped from a different camp, and had found his way to the same barn!! Together they helped each other to whatever was the next step.

The above story is told by Jane Katra and Russel Targ


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