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Dream Warning

My car was making loud clanking noises and I was told I needed a new wheel bearing.

Since my mechanic son had a busy schedule, I knew I would be waiting for at least

another week or more, if I were to utilize his car repair skills. In the meantime, a friend

who is also a mechanic, mentioned he had time availability the very next day. I thought

about this immediate offer of help from my friend, versus waiting for help from my son and

was undecided about what to do. I went to bed with the intention of waking up the next

day with a clear minded decision. Off to dreamland I went. Before waking the following

morning, I had this dream:

My friend Sharon, who had gone to the afterlife over 10 years ago showed up as a road guide.

Her car was in front of mine and came to a complete stop at the intersection that would lead

me to the location of my friend, the mechanic. We each opened our car windows on the left

side and exchanged a welcomed greeting. She seemed exceptionally real and smiled as she

turned to face me. I noticed we were under a bridge as this was happening. I also noticed

she was wearing a beautiful satin blouse that seemed to shine of the color of a deep shade

of pink, also known as shocking pink.

When I awakened from this dream, I felt strongly that I should call my mechanic friend and

find out if he were still available to fix my car. The dream clearly indicated that would be the

choice to make. The answer was "yes", and so I proceeded to drive to his location. I drove

through the dream scene of the night before and continued in his direction by taking the left

turn at the intersection. A couple of hours later, I was happily ready to drive my repaired car.

"No, wait a minute more", said my mechanic friend. He wanted to check the fluids before I

proceeded to drive away. To the shock of both of us, it was discovered that I had an oil leak.

The car was so low on engine oil, that it took nearly three quarts of oil to replace what had

somehow leaked out! Fortunately this was discovered before I drove away or I may have lost

the engine entirely. What a relief we both felt that the leak was discovered and corrected!

Looking back at the dream, I see the amazing dream warning I was given. Even the shocking

pink blouse seemed to hold a message of a shocking situation to unfold. The bridge above us

which existed in both the dream and the actual daytime journey, holds symbolism as well. The

bridge between two realities comes to mind here. The connection from the physical realm to

the spiritual realm is often shown as a bridge. Of course the most important message of all in

this dream, was to stop at the intersection of decision and choose to take immediate action to

get my car repaired. If I had waited for even another day without knowing I was nearly out of oil,

there could have been a severe situation with which to deal. Dreams hold important messages

and this is one demonstration. By taking the time to value our dreams, we can greatly benefit

as we travel life's journey.

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