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Mother's Intuition

Dreaming a phone call

In this dream, my cell phone rings. I look at the caller ID to see who is calling.

There is no number showing up. Instead I see a background of black with

electrifying orange streaks moving across the dark screen. I answer the call

and say "Hello". The voice of my son speaks and says "Mom, I can't..." and

then he seems out of breath. I get the impression he wants to tell me something

urgent and can't finish the sentence as he is breathless and in a panic mode.

There is also the possibility that there has been a loss of signal, causing a cut-off.

I awaken abruptly from this dream and am in a totally alert state even though I'm

coming from a deep sleep. I look at the clock and it's 5:55 AM. I immediately note

this dream in my journal. I mention the alarming streaks of orange and the sense

of urgency. Just as I'm trying to decide whether to call my son or not, the phone

actually rings in the awake state and it is my son. I'm so glad to hear from him and

proceed to tell him about my dream. He then tells me that he had a frightening

experience at the same time of my dream. He said he was in the hot tub on his

back deck and noticed an odd smell. He looked around and to his shocking surprise,

saw an orange fox about a foot and a half away from him. The fox was attempting to

steal his bathrobe. He splashed water on the fox and it ran away, but he was left quite shaken. He tells me that a little later, his cell phone malfunctioned with an unexpected

cut-off. He explains he was indeed "out of breath" momentarily while experiencing the sudden visit from the orange fox.

This is an example of a literal dream. A mother's intuition can be alert beyond the

boundaries of time and space. There may have also been symbolism involved in

this dream. For now, this dream demonstrates that a mother can be the receiver of

an alarm feeling from her offspring right smack in the middle of a dream and at the

precise moment of the actual incident.

Interesting to note is the time of this dream, 5:55 AM. Those who study the sequence

of numbers say that the 555 numbers are significant angel numbers.


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