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Tips for Remembering Dreams

Tips for Remembering Dreams:

1. Set your intention to remember your dreams before you go to sleep. We help our unconscious to believe we are serious by simply setting intention. You can write this statement down: "I will recall my dreams".

2. Have a pad of paper and a pen next to your bed. Write down your dream or at least a few key words as you awaken and before you get out of bed. Sometimes getting up will cause a dream to disappear.

3. Try not to begin thinking about all you have to do the minute you wake up. Getting into thinking of the items on your "to do" list removes you from that part of the brain where dreams have occurred. Replay

the dream a few times before getting out of bed. Write down everything you remember when you do get up.

4. It is helpful to go to bed around the same time every night. Regular sleep patterns help one to remember dreams. The effort is worthwhile. Uncover your dreams and discover your true spiritual nature.

5. If you find that you sleep too deeply to awaken from your dreams, try setting an alarm clock to wake you at a time when you are likely to be dreaming. Since our REM periods occur at approximately 90 minute intervals, good times will be multiples of 90 minutes after you go to sleep. Aim for the later REM periods by setting the alarm to go off at 4.5, 6, or 7.5 hours after you go to sleep. Once again, when you wake up, don't move and think first of what you were just dreaming before writing.


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